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EPA’s Clean Power Plan: Challenges Ahead for Sources and States

07/14/14, Chris MacCracken, Steven Fine, Phil Mihlmester, David Pickles and Ankit Saraf, ICF INTERNATIONAL 
In this paper, we discuss the critical issues that sources and states face in evaluating EPA’s proposal and developing plans to meet the Clean Power Plan requirements.

Nokero Introduces World's Most Affordable Solar Light Bulb

07/14/14, Terri Steele, The ECO Report
Nokero’s Next Generation Solar Light Bulb (the N182), Doubles Light Output, Decreases Costs and Lights the Way to Ending Extreme Energy Poverty

Upcoming Tradeshow, Conference & Exhibition Summary - August, September & October

07/14/14, Brandon Hetherington, AltEnergyMag.com
As Summer kicks into full gear we can sit back and enjoy a bit of a break from the Tradeshow schedule. August will see a bit of a lull but starting September and intensifying in October the Alternative Energy tradeshow calendar is full! Here is a summary of what Tradeshows, Conferences & Exhibitions to look forward to in the coming months.

Biooil and Char Production from Melia dubia

07/14/14, R. Mythili and P. Venkatachalam, Department of Bioenergy, Agricultural Engineering College and Research Institute, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University
Biomass is an important material for the sustainable source of energy. It can generate solid, liquid and gaseous products under different thermochemical conversion technologies. In this study, Melia dubia – a fastest growing energy crop was subjected to pyrolysis. Two products namely, biooil and char were produced and their characteristics were analyzed.

CIC USA and ReliOn Provide a Reliable, Cost-Effective and Green Remote Off-Grid Power Solution

07/14/14, Sandra Saathoff, ReliOn, a Plug Power company
The equipment’s power requirements can be met by the fuel cell system for 17 to 19 days without being refueled, and that window could be pushed to 21 days if a storm prevented access during the normal refueling window.

Tesla’s Battery Fire Patents Can Accelerate Safety of Electric Cars

07/14/14, Contributed by, uAutoInsurance Analyst team
A little understood but perhaps far more important consideration for consumer safety could be related to the risk of battery fires to drivers.

Field mobility crucial for alternative energy projects
07/14/14, Yogesh Khandelwal and Dan Liggett, geoAMPS
Web-based software improves the accuracy and efficiency of meeting payment obligations by providing lease management, automatic payment reminders, payment tracker, royalty calculator, and payment scheduler capabilities.

Economic Feasibility of Sustainable Non-Food Feedstock Pongamia Pinnata Based Biodiesel Production

06/30/14, Contributed by, Center For Jatropha Promotion & Biodiesel
Pongamia has attracted the world’s attention as a sustainable substitute for petroleum products and its ability to grow and reclaim marginal lands.

DIY Projects for Alternative Energy Savings
06/30/14, Len Calderone for, HomeToys
The average U.S. household spends about $5,500 a year on energy. By using less energy, we not only save money, but we also save precious natural resources and cut down on pollution.

SolarCity: How the Silveo Acquisition Fits In to the Big Picture

06/30/14, Contributed by, Vozag.com Analyst team 
Solar City, a company started by two brothers in 2006, has now become America’s largest solar services provider. It plans to expand its business by acquiring the solar panel manufacturer Silveo.

Mounting Frameless Thin-Film Modules on Solar Trackers 
06/30/14, Contributed by, Array Technologies 
Overall, frameless thin-film modules look to be an important element for solar projects in the United States moving forward.

China Might Be Winning The Race To Reduce Solar Costs 
06/30/14, Martin Tillier , OilPrice.com
Command economies may be terrible at some things but when the rapid marshalling of resources is needed to solve a problem they can be very good at doing whatever it takes.

How battery technology can contribute to realize sustainability of electricity storage? 

06/17/14, Shinichi Komaba, Ph.D., , Professor at Tokyo University of Science
We can avoid hazardous materials by using the sodium-ion battery and I believe that the higher performance stationary sodium-ion batteries will provide abundant energy without relying on expensive and hazardous chemicals

Obama's Climate Plan Is Leaking Methane 

06/17/14, Nicholas Cunningham , OilPrice.com
Natural gas production leaks methane along its entire supply chain – from drilling to storing, processing to distributing.

Improving the reliability and predictability of Hydro One’s transmission and distribution assets

06/17/14, Contributed by, Space-Time Insight
Millions of Assets and Data from Thirty Different Systems Visualized and Analyzed To Improve Grid Reliability

Evolution and Future Growth of Renewable Energy
06/17/14, Contributed by, New Jersey Institute of Technology
To learn more about the future of renewable energy, checkout the infographic below created by the New Jersey Institute of Technology

Leave the Gas at the Station:
Electric Cars Charge into the Future

06/17/14, Contributed by, Fix.com 
Unsure about whether electric cars are here to stay or whether they are the best choice for your needs? Here is everything you need to know about these cost-efficient, environmentally friendly, and ever-improving wonder vehicles!

Unorthodox Forms of Alternative Energy

05/30/14, Len Calderone for, AltEnergyMag
Not all of these technologies will make it out of the concept stage, and many are decades away from becoming practical. What may seem weird today might just be a reality in the future.

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Intersolar 2014


Intersolar 2014 - Tradeshow Report

07/10/14, Brandon Hetherington, AltEnergyMag.com
AltEnergyMag.com has once again partnered with Intersolar to bring all the industry news and exciting new products to help our readers make sense of this key tradeshow. Here we have compiled a list of some product releases from this years show.

Intersolar North America 2014 - Special News Report

05/30/14, Prepared by, AltEnergyMag
News announcements from show. Open for exhibitors - publish your news here.


Using Fuel Cells in Unique Product Applications

07/14/14, Chris D’Couto, Neah Power Systems
The three products we offer are the PowerChip, a silicon based fuel cell product targeted for defense and commercial customers, the second product is the BuzzBar Suite that is targeted at consumers for cell phone and tablet charging, and the final product is the Formira product, which is an air based fuel cell technology that generates hydrogen for formic acid and that can be used for larger power ranges.

Renewable Jet and Diesel Fuel

07/14/14, Joel Velasco, Amyris
As a drop-in solution with Jet A/A-1 commercial aviation turbine fuel, this new Amyris-Total fuel can be seamlessly included in commercial aviation following the ASTM validation and amendment of the global standard.

Large Scale Energy Storage

06/30/14, Craig Wilkins , ViZn Energy Systems
The industry already recognizes the need to upgrade the grid; energy storage just happens to be the common thread to all upgrade plans.

Maintaining Satcon Inverters

06/17/14, Contributed by, Photon Energy
When Satcon, the former inverter manufacturer, closed shop, Photon Energy moved quickly and hired key technical personnel.

Solar Monitoring Q&A with Locus Energy

06/17/14, Adrian De Luca, Locus Energy
The growth of distributed PV is showing no signs of slowing down, and with it solar monitoring is set to grow as well.

06/17/14, Bob Stojanovic, ABB Inc.
The longer term players in the industry have definite roadmaps that focus on achieving the goal of making solar power competitive over the long term.

How Upsolar America Sees the Future of the PV Industry
06/17/14, Stephane Dufrenne, Upsolar America, Inc. 
The biggest trend we’re seeing in the U.S. is the development of new tools to help customers overcome the financial hurdles of going solar.

Energy from Agricultural Waste

05/30/14, Roy M. Palk, LeClairRyan
Even a small farmer could join a co-op and get in on this trend. These co-ops are growing and are being promoted by organizations interested in furthering the cause of renewable energy.

Survival Strategies in the Atacama Desert: Chilean Lithium Miners Manage by Playing the Regs

05/30/14, Daniela Desormeaux, signumBOX
Lithium is an essential component of batteries for small electronics and large electric vehicles as well as for materials for the housing and construction industry. In this interview with The Mining Report, economist Daniela Desormeaux, founder of signumBOX and widely quoted expert on industrial chemicals, shines a light on the lithium industry for investors looking for a new opportunity.

Vocational Training for the Renewable Energy Industry

05/15/14, Martin Smith, CleanEdison
We are preparing our students for the careers of today and tomorrow. It may seem controversial to say but the truth is not everyone needs a college degree.

Advantages of HDPV Inverters with Ampt Optimizers

05/15/14, Levent Gun, Ampt, LLC
The HDPV™ Alliance brings solar industry equipment manufacturers and solution providers together around a common vision for the development and adoption of lower cost and higher performance PV systems.

Producing Cellulosic Ethanol
05/15/14, Dr. Julie Goodliffe, Sustainable Ethanol Technologies
Ethanol production must move away from the exclusive use of corn, or any food crops, as a feedstock. Our technology will allow for biomass diversification, and the use of the most abundant biomolecule on Earth: cellulose.

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Powering NASA’S Off-grid Operations

05/30/14, Contributed by, Planetary Power
The Planetary Power HyGen combines advanced diesel generator technology with renewable power generation and integrated energy storage for the most fuel-efficient, off-grid power available.

The Smart Grid And Multifamily Dwelling Challenges

05/30/14, Christine Hertzog, SGL Partners
We need to apply good systems engineering principles to policy creation to address the benefits gaps that confront multifamily stakeholders today.

Learn About Three New Finance Models for Non-Profits Wanting to Go Solar

05/30/14, Contributed by, REC Solar
REC Solar has developed new solar financing partnerships that are tailored to the needs of non-profits, such as churches, hospitals, HOA’s, and charitable organizations.

Energy Star Certified Homes in the US

05/30/14, Thilak Adiboina, Vhomeinsurance
Texas leads the ENERGY STAR certified homes in 2013 and continuing its leading position in Q1 2014.

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