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CA Lottery Hits Jackpot with Solar and Ice-based Energy Storage

04/14/14, Contributed by, CALMAC
The Pavilion of CA Lottery Uses Ice Storage and Solar Panels to Achieve Net Zero.

Developing Renewable Energy Projects on Brownfields: Mitigating Environmental Risks & Liabilities
04/14/14, Jon Benjamin and Mathew Swain , Farella Braun + Martel’s Environmental Law Department
Although the environmental risks and liabilities associated with brownfields generally diminishes their viability as locations for such facilities, these risks and liabilities can often be sufficiently controlled and minimized through governmental and private party tools to make certain projects worth pursuing.

Half of power plant capacity additions in 2013 came from natural gas 
04/14/14, Reprinted with permission from, Today in Energy
But Solar came second - twice as much as coal - and Wind was 4th (comment from AltEnergyMag)

Why Oil Industry Estimates for Energy Reserves Can Be an X-File
04/14/14, Dr. Alan Rozich, BioConversion Solutions LLC
Hopefully, we won’t have to deal constantly with misinformation like Mulder and Scully had to when jousting with their malevolent arch-nemesis, the Cigarette Smoking Man. However, be prepared to do some digging to get at the facts.

Distributed Generations Future Impact on the U.S. Capacity Markets
04/14/14, Samir Succar, ICF International
As variable, distributed generation increasingly becomes a prevalent source of generation in regions, changes in capacity market dynamics will have a profound impact on generating assets and their future economic viability

Trees go high-tech: process turns cellulose into energy storage devices

04/14/14, David Stauth, OSU Colle​ge of Science
The new approach just discovered at Oregon State can produce nitrogen-doped, nanoporous carbon membranes – the electrodes of a supercapacitor – at low cost, quickly, in an environmentally benign process.

Finding Solutions For Battery Sulfation Issues In Renewable Energy Applications

04/14/14, Fred Wehmeyer, U.S. Battery Manufacturing
While the recent news about carbon has been touted as something that can drastically improve the overall performance of the flooded lead acid battery, the facts should be completely understood before buying these types of batteries with any carbon additives, especially if they are sold as a value added feature.

Much Energy Above the Treetops

03/27/14, Peter Herbert Meier, TÜV SÜD Industrie Service GmbH
Inland sites can offer sufficient wind yield for wind-farm operation. Initial results obtained from a TÜV SÜD test wind mast show that wind yield depends on the specific location.

Sustainability for the PV Industry: Field Service

03/27/14, Brian Lydic, Fronius USA
By examining the differences in cost of service and downtime between three types of PV systems, we have demonstrated that the lowest TCO, and thus lowest LCOE, can be achieved by utilizing a field-serviceable string inverter.

The Key To Residential Solar Power Is Now Marketing

03/27/14, Brian F. Keane , SmartPower
The potential for solar power is now enormous. The economics are attractive; the appeal is proven; the code has been cracked. With proper marketing, the future of solar power is very bright indeed.

The Benefits of Converting Waste Heat to Power

03/27/14, Len Calderone for, AltEnergyMag
Waste heat to electricity uses less fuel to produce a given energy output, and avoids transmission and distribution losses that occur when electricity travels over power lines. It also decreases the impact of outages when the power grid goes down.

Technology Increasing Wind Industry Competitiveness

03/27/14, Yogesh Khandelwal and Dan Liggett, geoAMPS
The benefits of a centralized database and platform for managing data extend beyond the scope of one software product.

Considerations for Determining Energy Requirements and Technologies for Renewable Projects

03/27/14, Dr. Alan Rozich, BioConversion Solutions LLC
Understanding the water needs for energy and power production is key for using a nexus approach. In a nexus approach, knowing the impact of water and the interlinkage is essential for determining optimum choices for energy technologies.

Solar Power is Growing at a Rate Faster than Silicon Valley

03/27/14, Dan Hahn, Solar Power Rocks 
Already in the lead as the fastest-growing clean and renewable energy source in America, solar power is growing to account for 29% of new American electricity, trailing just behind natural gas at 46%.

PURE Energies Infographic Highlights Water Usage by Power Plants

03/27/14, Contributed by, Pure Energies
The PURE Energies #WorldWaterDay infographic compares different energy generation methods and how much water each of them consumes.

Google Launches World's Largest Solar Power Project

03/14/14, Ryan McNeill, Renewable Energy Corporation
Ivanpah is thought to be the world's largest solar power project, or at least the largest of its type. The plant uses 347,000 mirrors, which utilize software controls to turn to face the sun throughout the day.

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Solar Tracking Technology

04/14/14, Contributed by, Exosun
The demand for trackers has expanded significantly in recent years as more reliable and cost-effective solutions come to market. According to a recent study by Transparency Market Research, the global installed capacity for solar trackers is estimated to reach almost 9 GW by 2020.

The Benefits of Power Optimizers
04/14/14, Dru Sutton and Peter Mathews, SolarEdge
Power optimizers are a module-level power electronics (MLPE) solution that can be affixed on-site or embedded during the manufacturing process as a replacement for the junction box.

NextEnergy Drives Investment in Advanced Energy Technologies in Michigan
04/14/14, Jean Redfield, NextEnergy
The global energy future is not about a single technology, it's about a mix of core and enabling technologies that provide a portfolio of options to meet different consumer needs in different settings.

Using Algae to Produce Four Key Fuels

03/27/14, Paul Woods, Algenol Biofuels
At Algenol, algae is combined with carbon dioxide, salt water and sunlight in Algenol’s proprietary photobioreactor system to produce thousands of gallons of fuel per acre.

Solar Power and the Future Energy Mix

03/27/14, Vlatko Vlatkovic, GE Power Conversion 
In the near future, as solar becomes even more efficient and cost effective, it will play a larger role in industry and energy production. Plants that primarily burn natural gas for fuel, for example, will increasingly use solar to supplement the process to increase the efficiency of power generation.

From Selenium to Silicon and Beyond

03/27/14, John Perlin for, Renewables 100 Policy Institute
The 60th Anniversary of the First Practical Solar Cell

Unbiased, Comprehensive Solar Module Rating System

03/27/14, Matthew A. Thompson, Ph.D., Principal Solar
Although we have over 12, 000 PV modules in the database today, we are always searching for new modules. Manufacturers and consumers can contact us if they have modules that are not listed.

Solar PV - Now and Tomorrow

03/14/14, Alan Beale, Solarmax USA
Network planning and grid control is an undeniable challenge as an increasing number of large-scale PV installations feed energy into the utility grid, but we see this shifting in the next 2-3 years.

RECs Provide Renewable Energy Sources to Everyone
03/14/14, Jenna Allard, Pear Energy
Pear Energy provides renewable energy to customers across the country without long-term contracts or interruption to utility service.

50-State Solar Jobs Analysis

02/27/14, Andrea Luecke, The Solar Foundation 
Solar energy is still pushing its way into the mainstream. Installation is booming because people are becoming more and more aware of the value and other benefits of solar energy.

Crowdfunding for the Ocean Energy Industry

02/27/14, Stephanie Thornton, Clean Reach
Funding is one of the most significant challenges facing the ocean energy industry, and it’s time to explore new opportunities.

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U.S. Solar Market Grows 41%, Has Record Year in 2013

03/14/14, Contributed by, Solar Energy Industries Association
GTM Research and SEIA forecast another strong year in 2014 with 26% growth in the U.S. solar market. This will bring annual installations up to nearly 6 gigawatts and the cumulative total will be just shy of the twenty gigawatt milestone.

How Solar Is Improving The Boat Industry
03/14/14, Len Calderone for, AltEnergyMag
If the shipping industry were a country, it would place sixth on the most carbon emission generating countries in the world. The good news is that solar in maritime transport is improving.

Plastic to Fuel Conversion: An Elegant Solution to Two Major Environmental Concerns
03/14/14, Zeke Iddon 
The process relies on heat and pressure to break down the long hydrogen, carbon and oxygen polymers that make up plastics. From there, these elements are recombined into the shorter hydrocarbon chains that can be effectively burned as diesel or gasoline.

The Integrated Grid

02/27/14, Contributed by, The Electric Power Research Institute, Inc. (EPRI)
Excerpts from the EPRI Study on the Integrated Electric Grid

2013 Nanotechnology Patent Literature Review

02/27/14, Contributed by, McDermott Will & Emery Nanotechnology Affinity Group
For nanotechnology patent literature as a whole, Energy Storage, Photovoltaics and Petroleum Exploration emerged as the top three areas of focus in the Energy sector, each with similar growth since the early 2000s.

2014 Solar Marketing Outlook

02/27/14, Contributed by, Eco Branding
Each year, we survey a few dozen clean tech companies across many sectors of the industry – including solar, wind, geothermal and energy efficiency – to collect valuable data on marketing practices within the industry.

Case Study - Mark Abbott Memorial Lighthouse in Santa Cruz, CA

02/27/14, Ron Jones for, Quick Mount PV
Since the installation is located just 40 feet from world-class surf spot Steamer Lane, resisting the corrosive effect of ocean air required aluminum rigid conduit, stainless steel hardware, and anodized roof mounts.

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